• Supreme Court will now consider granting permanent Commission for women officer
  • Special training will be given to those who will get permanent Commission
  • Officers who do not receive PC will have to serve a minimum of 20 years to get a pension

On Wednesday, the honorable Supreme Court has given a groundbreaking decision to give Permanent Commission (PC) to women officers in the Indian Army. A Special Number 5 Selection Board was established in September 2020 to screen women officers for PC. The findings were announced in November 2020.

Furthermore, in March 2021, the Supreme Court decided that some instances of women officers who had not been given PC can be re-considered by establishing updated limits for PC issuance.

According to the order of SC, the women officers were re-considered, and new findings have now been declassified. As a result, 147 additional Women Officers will receive PC, bringing the total number of PCs given to 424 out of 615 officers assessed.

For administrative reasons, the results of a few women officers have been withheld pending the outcome of the UOI’s clarification petition before the Supreme Court.

All women officers who are awarded PC would be subjected to specialized training and difficult military tasks in order to prepare them for higher leadership positions in the Indian Army. A group of 33 women officers recently finished the Army War College Mhow’s Mid-Level Tactical Orientation Course with flying colors.

Besides, any women officers who were considered by the Special Number 5 Selection Board but did not receive a PC would be entitled to a pension after serving for a minimum of 20 years. Some women officers have been released with pensions after serving for 20 years, while others will be permitted to serve for another 20 years before being discharged with pensions.

PC to junior batches of women officers will begin in December 2020, and they will be considered for PC in their 10th year of service. With the award of the PC, the Women Officers have entered a new age of gender parity and are preparing to take on demanding leadership responsibilities in the same way as their male colleagues.

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