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According to the sources, a group of armed gang abducted the students from an Islamic school in the north-central Nigerian state of Niger.

The school’s owner, Abubakar Tegina, reported that he witnessed the attack and estimated that they kidnapped about 150 students. He added, “I personally saw between 20 and 25 motorcycles with heavily armed people. They entered the school and went away with about 150 or more of the students. We can’t be exact because most of them have not reported to the school as at that time.”

A policeman in a statement mentioned that the gunmen came to the town of Tegina at around 3 pm on Sunday. Tegina said about 300 students attend the school and are aged between seven and 15. He further said that they only attend classes at the site.

Reports say that the armed groups that carried out kidnapping for ransom are now accused of raids on schools and universities in the northern part of Nigeria recently for abducting more than 700 students for ransom since December.


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