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  • The attack was conducted at Ghawchak district in Jalalabad
  • Unidentified gunmen were noticed attacking from a rickshaw
  • The Islamic State-Khorasan has not taken any responsibility for the attack

Today, two Taliban fighters were killed along with a civilian in an attack that took place in Afghanistan’s Jalalabad. As per the sources, unidentified gunmen were seen opening firing from a rikshaw towards a checkpoint at Ghawchak district situated in Jalalabad. The firing killed all three who were present on the spot.

However, Taliban officials have denied casualty of any members from their organization. According to them, those killed were general civilians. Jalalabad has been standing as the principal base for the activities of Islamic State-Khorasan (IS-K), the Afghanistan segment of the Islamic State.

Even during the rule of the Afghan government, Jalalabad received top priority in terms of the operational activities of the IS-K. However, the organization has not taken any responsibility for Wednesday’s attack.

The IS-K has claimed its indulgence in several minor attacks which were conducted previously during the weekends leading to the death of at least two people. The weekend attacks were conducted through the propaganda wing of the organization named Amaq. The Islamic State-Khorasan has been associated with the biggest blast at the Kabul airport which took place on August 26, killing at least 100 people.

In spite of being Sunni groups, the IS-K and Taliban do not comply with each other on critical issues of religion. This stands to be a key factor for them to indulge in severe conflicts with each other.


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