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  • The govt has mentioned that the public should travel only if they are fully vaccinated
  • The Union Health Ministry reiterated that nearly 32 percent is still vulnerable of the population is still vulnerable to COVID-19
  • The govt urged all the states to continue local serosurvey to find out the percentage of the population immune against Covid
  • The officials reiterated that all political congregations must be avoided

According to the fourth serosurvey by the ICMR, it has been revealed that 67.6% of Indians have now developed antibodies against SARS-COV-2 either through infection or through vaccination. This symbolizes that more than half of the population is immune as of now amid the possibility of a third wave.

Addressing the media, the govt listed out 7-point advisory guidelines to the public. To begin with, on Tuesday, it has underlined that one should not undertake traveling at this time without being fully vaccinated, and should also avoid non-essential travels.

In India, since the first week of July, several states are relaxing their restrictions, and mobility has gone up in local markets. “Prodded by the government, states have again brought back some restrictions,” it added.

Despite the findings of the serosurvey gave a ray of hope, the officials cited that there is ‘no room for complacency’ as a large chunk of the population, nearly 32% is still vulnerable. However, the government mentioned that the local or district level situation might be different from the overall situation as a national serosurvey is only a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the overall immunity situation of the country.

In the meeting, the government urged all the states to continue local serosurvey to find out the percentage of population immune against Covid so that state-level action can be taken. However, the Union Ministry informed the possibility of a future wave of COVID-19. “Future pandemic is possible because some states have reported higher immunity against Covid, while some are in the lower rung,” it said.

The Union Health Ministry reiterated that all political congregations must be avoided. On this note, it informed that Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi governments have recently canceled Kanwar Yatra.

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