50-Year Old Is Gang-Raped And Brutally Murdered In UP, Inserted Rod In Private Part


In UP’s Badaun district, another case of gang rape and murder occurred which reminded of 2012’s brutal ‘Nirbhaya’ case. On Sunday, under the jurisdiction of Ughaiti police station, the incident took place in a village where a 50-year-old went to a temple and was brutally murdered after being gang-raped by a priest, his disciple and another person.

As per sources, the local witnessed that a car drove in and left the woman bleeding around 12 am and then the potential accused escaped. The woman died later that night and she was bleeding amply when she was brought home. Initially, the police thought that due to falling in the well, the death happened but on Tuesday the postmortem report demolished their statement.

According to the postmortem, the victim had fatal injuries in her private parts and her ribs and legs were also fractured. The report also claimed that she was not only gang-raped but a metal rod was inserted in her private parts which attacked her lungs also.

It was alleged by the family members of the victim that despite their complaint, Ravendra Pratap Singh, the police station officer of Ughaiti, did not act and the police even tried to record it as a case of an accident. The body of the dead victim was sent then for postmortem to a panel of three doctors, one of them was a female.

The case of gang rape and murder was registered by the Ughaiti police, against Dharmasthala priest Satyanarayan Das, his disciple, Vedram who is a Mewali resident and driver Jaspal. To arrest the accused who are absconding, four teams have been formed.

The incident occurred within months of the brutal gang rape and murder case of a Dalit teen in Hathras district of UP. Uttar Pradesh is on the verge of a major and significant question that, for how long will the state government keep the brutality of these cases.


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