‘8-Years Of Misgovernance’, Hits Rahul Gandhi Pointing To Severe Crisis Under Modi Govt

Congress leader attacked PM Modi after he commences this Europe trip and highlighted some of the major crisis of the nation that is slowing down India's economy


Today, Congressman Rahul Gandhi hit the PM Modi-led central government strongly for not one or two but for many, leading to a severe crisis in the fields of power, jobs, farmers, and inflation. He attacked PM Modi’s 8 years of the regime that he called a ‘Misgovernance’ that leaves a case study on how to ruin what was in Congress’s tenure counted as one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

The former Congress Chief took his social media site and wrote, “Power crisis, Jobs Crisis, Farmer Crisis, Inflation Crisis…… PM Modi’s 8-years of misgovernance is a case study on how to ruin what was once one of the world’s fastest growing economies.”

The attack on the central government from Rahul Gandhi came after PM Narendra Modi commenced his Europe trip and highlighted the major issues that are continuously hitting the nation and thus weakening the economy. A few days back, Rahul Gandhi asked PM Modi whom would Modi Ji blame for the Centre’s failure in the power crisis? Gandhi stated that there is always a gap between Prime Minister’s promises and intentions. The tussle started amidst the ongoing coal shortage in the country that led to severe power cuts in various regions.

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