9/11 Attack Still Stirrs The World Even After 20 Years Of Gruesome Act

It is said that some scars remain with us till the end and 9/11 and other similar acts of terrorism are just like those deformities that society will surely wipe for the sake of humanity and peace


Today, it is 20 years since the 9/11 terror attacks took place where the plane hijackings caused the death of thousands of people. On Tuesday, 11th September 2001, 19 suicide attackers hijacked 4 US passenger planes. These planes were used as giant missiles targeting the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. The skyscrapers collapsed into the ground in thick dust, killing thousands of people.

First-hand witnesses believe that the attacks on the Twin Tower and the Pentagon are one of the most gruesome and traumatic events of the century, so much so that it has changed the entire world ever since. A total of 2,977 people were killed in these attacks, including the 246 passengers who were on board, 2,606 civilians who were at the Trade Center, and first responders.

A third plane flew into the Pentagon, killing 125 people and the one which did not crash into any target crashed into a plain field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. It is believed that the passengers on the fourth plane attempted to fight back the hijackers, which resulted in saving many lives. It is still unclear what the terrorists on United Airlines Flight 93 targeted to hit.

Osama Bin Laden, the leader of the terrorist group Al Qaeda was the leading man behind these attacks, the whole planning of these attacks took place in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda considered the USA and its allies responsible for the conflict in Muslim countries. Laden was later neutralized in 2011 under discreet circumstances.

These attacks led to a twenty-year US military operation in Afghanistan. President Joe Biden decided to pull off the American troops from Afghanistan to put a haul on the never-ending war. This subsequently gave power to the Taliban again who took over the land, causing common citizens to elope from their motherland for safety and existence. But it becomes most difficult and traumatic for the Afghani women who are prohibited from practicing their basic rights of Education and living a life on their own terms.

Families of the people and the first-hand witnesses still remember the day as crystal clear. They believe that the generation which came after the brutal attacks need to know and remember what went down, as an homage to the people who were killed that day. First responders like the staff of the NYC police, firefighters also lost lives while trying to save others. Some of them are still recuperating from the aftermath.

Journalists and witnesses when asked about their reaction or feelings about the incident today say that they were shocked to see something of such intensity happen. Citizens of 77 countries were present at the World Trade Center when the planes hit them. In physical terms, the world did change a lot since the attacks as flight safety have become more rigorous around the world.

It took around eight months to clean the toxic debris of the “Ground Zero ”- the site where the Twin Towers stood before. Now a memorial and a museum stand at the site. Freedom Tower or the New World Trade Centre with much higher height stands instead. Bringing these buildings up is a great reminder that in adverse situations humanity glimpses through like a small flame into the darkness and gradually diminishes darkness, growing brighter.

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