Actor Renuka Shahane will be returning to television as host of a crime show. She revealed that she used to call herself a crime buff. The actress stated in an interaction that crime shows can be very dramatic and vivid in their portrayals of the crime, however, if there is no drama, the picturization becomes a documentary.

The actor said that there are various types of crimes. Crimes in society are born out of many reasons.“Often socioeconomic and psychological situations lead to crimes. There are so many kinds of crimes and criminals out there which you are not exposed to as a citizen. People are astounded to hear about their neighbor or someone they know is a criminal but that’s what it is. There are no special qualifications so one has to be aware and alert. In fact, children are so vulnerable with the digital implosion that is part of our lives now,” the actor said.

The What The Folks actor also stressed the fact digital crimes are on an all-time rise. She said all of us leave digital footprints which now are becoming part of our lives. With just a single click, lives turn upside down. “We are all learning about the digital world every day, including crime on it. There are many pitfalls and we have to keep communicating with them. Growing up, we didn’t have these influences on our lives so, being a parent, is an added pressure,” the actor said.

On her return to the TV world, the actress said that returning to anchoring was rather smooth for her. It was quick and easy for her to adapt to the role. She revealed that working as an actor took more effort.

“In fact, while playing a character, I feel more nervous, but hosting is my comfort zone. I remember when I moved from theatre to TV and later films, it was a big jump. I had to learn how to be natural in front of the camera as what is needed in theatre is different,“ she said.

The transition from TV to film to OTT was easier to adapt to and wasn’t so different. “There is a thin line and one can pick up the tone needed for the medium” Shahane stated. She will also be seen in a short film up for release soon.

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