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The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for a deadly suicide bombing on a Shiite mosque in southern Afghanistan. The incident claimed the lives of 47 and left several injured. On Friday, IS said two of the group’s members shot and killed security guards manning the entrance of the Fatimiya mosque in Kandahar province. One detonated his explosives at the entrance of the mosque and the other inside.

The attackers have been named Anas al-Khurasani and Abu Ali al-Baluchi, and both are believed to be Afghan nationals. The incident took place a week after a bombing claimed by the local Islamic State. Ever since the US exit from the war-torn country, this attack was the deadliest to strike. It was also the first major attack by the group in the country’s south.

Attacks have been common on the eastern side by the IS, however, the group has now started attacking the north and Kabul. The attacks have brought into question the Taliban’s ability to counter the growing IS threat.

The Taliban have pledged to restore peace and security after decades of war and have also given the US assurances that they will not allow the country to be used as a base for launching extremist attacks on other countries.


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