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  • Afghan capital was hit by 14 rockets on Saturday morning in various parts.
  • The incident took the lives of 5 people and injured as many as 21 lives.
  • Several vehicles were damaged and the injured were taken to Emergency Hospitals.

Afghanistan capital, Kabul witnessed an unprecedented incident on Saturday morning at various parts. Total 14 rockets took the lives of 5 people, injured 21, and damaged many vehicles on the roads of Kabul. The report has been confirmed by the country’s public health ministry and several social media visuals showed it to the world. The injured people were taken to Emergency Hospital in Kabul as soon as possible.

The heavily secured Green Zone including all the important international firms and embassies were mostly hit with the explosion along with several residential areas. Ferdaws Faramarz the Kabul Police spokesperson stated that multiple rockets have been fired and no group has taken the responsibility for the incident. The Kabul administrations are inclining towards the Taliban or their proxies for this and other recent incidents, even though they are not allowed to attack anymore in urban areas under the United States withdrawn deal.


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