• A suicide car bomb in Afghanistan killed 3 army personnel and wounded 4 others.
  • The suicide bomber was targeted at the official checkpoint of the Government troops in the western entry gate.
  • Afghan-Taliban Peace negotiator Abdullah Abdullah said, “we have offered ways but Taliban are not trying to reach an understanding.”

On Friday, November 13, Afghanistan witnessed yet another violent scenario by the explosion of a suicide car bomb which claimed the lives of three army personnel and caused severe injuries to nearly four others. 

Speaking in the context of the explosion, Spokesman of the Afghan Interior Ministry Mr. Tariq Arian notified that the bomber car was targeted at an official checkpoint of the Government troops that is located at the western entry gate of Kabul. 

In the last one month, the South Asian country has observed a sudden spike in violence with various terrorist attacks, including the attack at Kabul University, leading to the death of 22 people, out of which most were students.

Although there is no development in the exact attackers of today’s case, the local authorities are suspecting the involvement of the Taliban in it. This comes amid the settlement talks between the Taliban and the Afghan Government, that is being held in Qatar. Despite that, disorder and brutality continue to exist in Afghanistan. 

Post the deadly attack, Abdullah Abdullah, the country’s head of peace negotiations emphasized the immediate need of putting an end to this barbarism and further urged the Taliban to cease the warfare. Adding to that, he said, “we have offered ways but the Taliban are not trying to reach to an understanding.”

Meanwhile, the Taliban group who claim themselves to be the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, have refused the agreements forwarded by Washington’s peace envoy for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad. Notably, the agreement pressed by Zalmay was to bring about an end to violence.


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