New Delhi: Indian Government keeping all eyes on Chinese strategy, after banning over 270 apps, now it is believed that India mulls import curbs on over categories of goods that are largely imported from China. After the violence stand-off between China and India, the Indian government aggressively dealing with China.

As per the media reports, items that are imported from China in high amounts such as toys, steel tubes, steel bars, consumer electronics, telecom items, heavy machinery, paper, rubber articles, and glass will be brought under mandatory Indian Standards (IS) command by next year. Moreover, it has been informed that India may plan to reduce its non-essential imports and increase exports. Indian Government officials revealed that the process has been accelerating to meet the prerequisite under the Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Further, an official informed the framing of mandatory standards for these items and to improve the enforcement including at government-owned ports like Kandla, JNPT, and Cochin.


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