As of April 6, the National Weather Forecasting Centre of the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has outlined that the air quality of Delhi will likely be in the ‘Moderate to Poor category’. However, it has added that the air quality would slightly improve on April 7 and 8. 

As per the data, in the upcoming 5 days, the air quality is likely to remain in the ‘Moderate’ category. Speaking of the wind, the IMD has highlighted the predominant surface wind is likely to be coming from the East directions of Delhi with a wind speed of 10-12 kmph. The weather forecast has suggested chances of rain in the capital nation around night. 

Speaking on the weather of April 7, 2021, Delhi will be experiencing wind from Northeast/Northwest directions with a speed of 14-20 kmph accompanied by a partly cloudy sky. Coming to April 8, 2021, Delhi will be experiencing winds from North/Northwest directions with a speed of 16-20 kmph accompanied by a clear sky.

The IMD has also mentioned that the predicted maximum mixing depth is likely to be approx 4500 m on 06.04.2021, 4000 m on 07.04.2021, and 3800 m on 08.04.2021 over Delhi. Meanwhile, the Maximum Ventilation index is likely to be approx 28000 m2/s on April 6, and   20000 m2/s on April 7, and 17000 m2/s on April 8. “The ventilation index lower than 6000 m2/s with average wind speed less than 10 kmph is unfavorable for dispersion of pollutants,” it added.


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