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  • European countries such as Austria has announced nationwide lockdown, where as Netherlands took to partial lockdown
  • Germany has declared the scenario to be a “national emergency”
  • With 60 lakh vaccinations recorded till Saturday, India much relieved over the comparably minimal number of cases

India witnesses a control in Covid scenario at present, however, this does not bar from fresh cases escalating in Europe again. The latest surge of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe has been a reason for worries of the experts. Austria has announced a nationwide lockdown in recent times, while other countries are preparing for severe restrictions as well.

A section of citizens in the Netherlands have taken to protests as the country has decided to bring down restrictions on unvaccinated individuals. The country has seen violent protests earlier on Friday, with the police compelled to use water cannons. According to sources, shots were also fired by the police, which injured at least two.

Besides imposing curbs on individuals, Netherlands has also proceeded with a partial lockdown. Germany at present witnesses no other options other than preparing for a lockdown as vaccination has failed to stop the spread of the virus. Approximately 42,000 new cases have been recorded in the country in the last 24 hours. The death toll has gone up to 75.

Jens Spahn, the health minister of Germany has said, “we are in a situation-even if this produces a news alert-where we can’t rule anything out.” He further claimed the Germany was “in a national emergency.” India currently gives a sigh of relief, with the recovery rate remaining at 98.2 %. With an increase in vaccination, the daily case count has been comparably minimal, with 10,000 being the number. By Saturday, at least 60 lakh Covid vaccine jabs have been procured in the country.


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