Actor Ananya Pandey got heavily scolded by the chef for her culinary skills in the recent episode of Star Vs Food. Ananya visited the show intending to create something remarkable and special for her parents Chunky Pandey and Bhavana Pandey, however, she soon realized that it will not be a cakewalk to cook a dish that is worth presenting.

The 22-year-old actress struggled when she was asked to mix up some batter and said she was on the verge of falling over, to which the chef asked her rhetorically that doesn’t she go to the gym every day. To which Ananya replied that she thought that all her exercise kept her fit but her biceps had failed her.

Furthermore, the chef on the show was also not impressed with Ananya’s piping skills, calling her attempts as sh** multiple times. Seeing that Ananya said that the chef has been possessed by the spirit of Chef Gordon Ramsay. All her attempts were obliterated by the chef which made Ananya lose hope. She said, “I’m falling apart, the chef is getting meaner and meaner as the day passes, and my feelings are getting hurt.”

Ananya asked the chef whether she is ever satisfied, as she didn’t say anything nice or complimented her effort. “Are you ever happy? You’ve not said ‘amazing’ for anything yet, said Ananya. The chef replied, “Because I haven’t seen anything amazing yet.”

After Ananya’s baking was completed, her food was tasted by her father. “I hope my parents like it because they’re very critical, even about my films. They always give me intense feedback,” said Ananya.

Chunky, her father said that both his wife and daughter never cooked anything for him. “She and her mother have never cooked anything for me. But she has cooked up some nice stories and told me, but never food,” the veteran actor said.

Ananya’s mother was softer with her stance. She said that she has no expectations, and she can’t judge because she is not very good at cooking. However, Bhavana was still moderate in her praise for her daughter. She didn’t seem impressed with Ananya’s efforts. However, the chef finally was very happy with Ananya’s cooking and said that she was very happy with her.

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