• There Will Be Another Grim Milestone, As Covid Cases Will Cross The 40 Million Mark
  • Back In January 2020, the World Health Organization Had Declared Covid-19 As A Pandemic, and Ever Since Then There Has Been A Hike In Cases With Each Passing Day
  • The United States Of America Tops The List With 8 Million Confirmed Cases While India Occupies The Second Position With More Than 7 Million Cases
  • The GDP In India Has Fallen And The Government Is Trying Its Best To Revive It

In a day to go, there will be another grim milestone, as Covid cases will cross the 40 million mark. Ever since January 2020 the entire world is fighting with the pandemic. As of today, there are 39,959,651 confirmed Covid-19 cases of which 29,890,384 have recovered while 1,114,636 have succumbed to death. The pandemic has not only affected the economies of big developing countries but has also hampered lives.

Back in January 2020, the World Health Organization had declared COVID-19 as a pandemic, and ever since then, there has been a hike in cases with each passing day. The United States of America tops the list with 8 million confirmed cases while India occupies the second position with more than 7 million cases.

Countries early this year across the globe had imposed lockdown to combat the virus. Countries were able to control but not fully mitigate the virus. Countries could not even afford lockdown for long due to financial reasons. Many countries, one of them being India, had imposed a lockdown for more than 2 months and are now experiencing a financial crunch. The GDP in India has fallen and the Government is trying its best to revive it.

While countries are still struggling, not all can manage lockdown. Yet in Europe due to cases accelerating, Germany to Italy to Portugal have imposed fresh lockdown. Residents of Paris and from eight major French cities have been asked to stay at home from 9 pm to 6 am for four weeks.

In India, the Government is running a campaign to request people to stay at home as festive seasons are round the corner. On Saturday, UN Chief Antonio Guterres said the “divided world” has failed to combat the virus and called for a concrete plan of action to prevent millions of people from being pushed into poverty. 


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