• Delhi CM marked the farm laws as a death warrant for farmers during his visit with the protesting farmers in Western UP.
  • Kejriwal is expected to be present at Kisan Mahapanchayat on February 28 in Meerut.
  • Kejriwal’s present in Meerut will be an important event as AAP will contest in 2022 UP Assembly Elections.
  • During the meeting, Kejriwal asked the BJP Government to note down the advantages for the farmers instead of verbally just mentioning it.

The Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal visited the Western UP border and met the farmers before the ‘Kisan Mahapanchayat’ which will take place on February 28 in Meerut. Kejriwal during the meeting noted that the three farm laws are death warrant to the farmers, and the Government has not exactly explained the benefits of the farm laws but just verbally mentioned it. AAP has earlier announced that it will contest for 2022 UP Assembly Elections, thus Kejriwal’s participation in Kisan Mahapanchayat will be significant.

The Western UP region in the Ghazipur region is active with its protests currently with 40 farm leaders. Kejriwal met the leaders and said that Government needs to withdraw the three black laws and legally approve MSP on the 23 crops mentioned in the Swaminathan Commission. Rohit Jakhar of Rashtriya Jat Mahasangh said that farmers respect only those who understand them and Kejriwal is one of them. Jhakar noted that farmers` votes will answer for them.


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