• The confirmation of the decision was given by the Aus PM
  • The decision comes with intention of boosting the country’s economy
  • Unlocking international borders is likely to fetch a significant number of foreign students and labor

On Monday, Australian Prime Scott Morrison confirmed that the country is scheduled to open its premises for foreign visa holders from the beginning of December. The step comes with the intention of rebooting the economy of the country. International restrictions were brought down by Australia back in May 2020. Morrison has further stated that vaccinated students will be allowed to enter the country from December 1.

He has stated, “The return of skilled workers and students to Australia is a major milestone in our pathway back.” Foreign students play a significant role in the Australian economy as they add up at least A$35 billion to the sector. The lack of labor power in various areas of work is likely to be combated with the decision to ease restrictions.

Jennifer Westcott, the chief executive of the Business Council has stated, “This will be critical relief for businesses who are struggling to find workers just to keep their doors open and for those who need highly specialized skills to unlock big projects.” Australia has been successful in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic with strict Covid rules keeping the cases to 200,000. The Covid-19 related death tolls in the country sum up to 1,948.


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