• The number of cases is increasing day by day in different parts of the country
  • PM Morrison addressed the slow vaccine rollout
  • Australian Govt claimed they will vaccinate everyone by the end of the year

As more reports of the virus pandemic begin to escalate amid lockdown, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison apologized to his people on Thursday for the delayed implementation of the Covid-19 vaccine program.

The country has been administering less than 150,000 Covid-19 vaccination shots per day, lagging well behind some other affluent nations.

While addressing the media, Morrison said, “I’m sorry that we haven’t been able to achieve the marks that we had hoped for at the beginning of this year.”

On Wednesday, the daily rates of infection in two of the country’s major states, New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria increased dramatically. While NSW, home to Australia’s largest city, Sydney saw 110 new cases – up from 78 the day before — Victoria saw 22 new cases.

Under June 26, Sydney was placed on lockdown, and it will stay in place until at least July 30. In the meantime, Victoria is facing a nearly two-week lockdown.

In the wake of the growing number of coronavirus infections, the government has threatened companies with fines if they compel employees to come to work.

It is estimated that millions of more Covid-19 vaccine doses from Moderna and Pfizer are scheduled to arrive in the following weeks. Thus, the Australian government has said that it will fulfill its objective of vaccinating its adult population by the end of 2021.

On Wednesday, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said during a televised news conference that if there would have no lockdown then the covid cases would rise from 110 to hundreds and thousands.

She also noted that due to an increase in coronavirus infections, it would not be known if NSW will be able to lift the lockdown by the July 30 deadline until the following week.

Similarly, on Wednesday, a third state, South Australia, started the first day of a week-long lockdown. Furthermore, because of the increase in instances, Queensland, NSW’s neighboring state, has closed its border with the former, thus shutting down one of Australia’s busiest routes.


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