Tonight’s bb episode is full of high voltage drama which keeps audience glued to the television screen. Wednesdays episode was filled with fun but was painful one for Vikas Gupta as the so called ‘Mastermind’ will be exiting from the show due to bad health.

Arshi Khan breaks down with the exit of Vikas. Rakhi entertains audience as she wears ‘sindoor’ and ask Abhinav ‘ek chutki sindoor ka Keemat’. This is not all as the Captaincy task creates humongous ruckus in the house. This week’s Captaincy task is full of spice.

Before the task began, Vikas Gupta hides the camera. On discovering it has been stolen Aly Goni tries to stop Vikas and the latter denies.The search for the missing camera has the entire house up in frenzy. Aly Goni breaks thr door of the store room thinking it was there. Confusion regarding the camera continues. BB then says team Eijaz wins the round against team Vikas.

Rahul and Abhinav lock horns. Both take jibes at each other. While Abhinav tells Rahul to invent some new words for him other than the regular ones which includes nalla and dindoshi ka rambo. Rahul calls him halka Shukla while comparing him with Bigg Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla.

The second round of the captaincy team has ended. And since Rakhi has not submitted any photographs to Bigg Boss, the winning point goes to Abhinav’s team.


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