The veteran leader Anand Sharma openly slammed Bengal’s unit of Congress which involved an alliance with the Indian Secular Front (ISF). The criticism clarified that the difference between old and new in the congress party is widening every day.

Anand Sharma found the alliance ‘painful and shameful’ and took on Twitter for sharing his thoughts. Anand Sharma opined that Congress must fight communism in all its manifestation and cannot a/ct selectively about it.

Anand Sharma stated that Congress’s alliance with ISF and any other party is against the soul and ideology of the party. The Gandhian and Nehruvian ideologies of secularism are completely different compared to other parties, ned added. Sharma termed the youth of the party as weak and suggested unison. He further noted that Congress has come a long way and no one took a short cut, thus he noted that advice from the senior leaders is for betterment.


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