New Delhi: Dr Surendra Jain, the Central Joint General Secretary of Vishva Hindu Parishad in a press conference held in New Delhi stated that the Bhumi Pujan for Ram temple will be a glorious moment for the country. The history of Ram Janmabhoomi movement is a rousing journey of pride of the country going “From Self-Guilty Conscience to Self-Confidence and Clear Conscience”, he added. The divisive, disruptive and discordant politics of pseudo-secularism tried to frustrate the country’s self-esteem, cultural underpinning, and bedrock which made us struggle against foreign invaders.

The Hindu society fought continuously for 492 years to undo the debasing the signature superimposed by the foreign invader Babar on the birthplace temple of Sri Ram at Ayodhya, he added. The latest mass struggle that started in 1984 CE, which continued till the historic verdict of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Bharat delivered on November 09, 2019. The verdict resulted that the cultural freedom struggle that Babar’s outlandish superimposed structure, that disgraced the pride and nationhood is no longer there, and the resolve to build a stately temple to our great Patriarch Bhagwan Sri Ram is going to soon materialize steadily by degrees.

The organic movement has expunged all manufactured and contrived fault-lines of division on fictitious grounds to plant a complex of inferiority in Hindu minds. They have identified with one another, united and organized by rising above avowals of caste, creed, language, region. The entire country is now full of confidence and bringing welcome changes in every field of life for all-round welfare taking itself to the global stage.

He further added, a new Bharat, with self-esteem, poise, and self-reliance is inculcating at an increasing rate where the constitution of the country finally accepted the Patriarchy of Ram. He mentioned the pride of nationality is an important motivating element for any country, but due to the politics of divisive appeasement, the definition of the nationality of Bharat was confused, the national crisis of identity was being created. 


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