Image Tweeted By NATO

On Monday, President of US Joe Biden was backed by NATO leaders in his decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. Biden and his NATO counterparts bid a symbolic farewell to Afghanistan in their last summit before America winds up its longest ever war and the US military pulls out for good.

Afghanistan is an issue NATO has been engaged in for 20 years after the US invoked Article 5 common defence clause followed with 9/11 terror attacks. Some American allies highlighted that they weren’t consulted before Biden announced that he would withdraw US troops by Sept 11 while some questioned the maintenance of security in the country when US troops leave.

The groups agreed when the final statement to provide transitional funding to keep the airport open and NATO member state Turkey committed to safeguarding the troops in the country.

The countries who contributed to the Afghanistan mission agreed with the decision to withdraw the troops this year as they focused on how to work together as an alliance to continue providing support to Afghan national security forces, the Afghan government, and the Afghan people.

Presently, NATO leaders are discussing practical ways to maintain security in Afghanistan which includes embassy presences, security training, counterterrorism efforts, and economic aid.

The official stated that there is an incredible amount of warmth and unity around the entire agenda that includes the in-together-out-together aspect of the Afghanistan drawdown.