On Thursday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden met on England’s Cornish coast on the eve of this weekend’s G7 summit.

With a friendly note before the G7 Summit, Biden said Johnson that they both have something in common and both have married way above their station. While Johnson replied that he won’t to disagree with the president on this, or indeed on anything else, as he thinks highly likely.

The US President was set to warn British PM not to risk peace in Northern Ireland during their first face-to-face meet. The meeting built a chance for the old allies to help shape the post-pandemic world in the areas from climate change to trade and technology.

They had a much-anticipated bilateral summit that aimed to strengthen transatlantic ties despite tension over Northern Ireland. The UK and the US leaders were expected to sign an ‘Atlantic Charter’ that would set out their goals for the post-pandemic world.

The declaration of shared values between the two countries comes in the shadow of post-Brexit tension over Northern Ireland. UK and EU talks over the Northern Ireland Protocol are at deadlock.

Mr Biden and Mr Johnson are calling for efforts to boost global vaccine supplies while the world looking to the G7 to help overcome the pandemic. The US would donate half a billion doses to poorer countries and Mr Johnson pledged to vaccinate the world by the end of 2022.


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