• · The phone conversation was held ahead of Kishida’s arrival to the office as the newly elected PM of Japan, after the ruling party elections last month
  • · Both the leaders have agreed to work collaboratively against specific activities of China and North Korea, harming the internal security of Japan
  • · The 64- year old Kishida has been the former foreign minister of his country and continues to be a supporter of Japan-US ties

On Monday, phone conversations were held between Prez Joe Biden and Japan’s newly elected Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. Late in the previous month, Kishida succeeded former Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihide Suga in the chair, after a win in the ruling party elections. Greeting the newly elected PM, Biden has promised to collaborate with Japan in terms of challenging the menaces posed by Beijing in the East China Sea and the Indo-Pacific region.

The leaders have also vowed to deal with North Korea’s exasperating blitz, following which, multiple missiles have been launched in recent weeks in waters situated just off the coast of Japan. After the conversation, Kishida mentioned that the US president has provided a “strong statement about US commitment for the defense of Japan, including….Senkaku.”

The Senkaku Islands, which are also known as the ‘Diaoyutai Islands’ in China, are a set of desolate islets located in the East China Sea. The barren islets have been disturbing the diplomatic relations between Beijing and Tokyo, approximately from the early 2010s, ahead of a territorial dispute. China, continuing to claim Senkaku as an inherent part of their territory, has speedily built up artificial islands with military infrastructure in the area.

Joe Biden in his phone conversation with the newly elected PM has stated that the US strives to defend the Senkaku Islands against the increasing activity of China in the East China Sea. The US president congratulated Mr. Fumio Kishida on taking office at the beginning of the 20-minute long phone conversation.

However, Kishida has also acknowledged the fact that dialogue needs to be continued with China, which stands to be a significant neighbor and a trade partner as well. Yet, he believes that voice must be raged against their attempt to change the status quo in the South and East China seas. The 64-year old former foreign minister has maintained an image of being a consensus builder.

He continues to be a staunch supporter of Japan-US ties and aspires for partnership with similar-minded democracies in Europe, Britain and Asia with regards to opposing China and nuclear-armed North Korea. Mr. Kishida has further taken a pledge of strengthening the naval defence and missile competence of his country. He has pointed out that obtaining the potential to strike the enemy base has been a crucial step that has received backing from Abe and that he would adopt aid in order to monitor the treatment of the Uyghur minority by China.


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