• The list was uploaded by the State Department of US on Tuesday
  • The list has left out US rival China but included Taiwan
  • The move by the US has led to speculation amid heightened tensions with China

On Tuesday, the State Department of the US uploaded a list of countries scheduled to participate in Joe Biden’s virtual summit on democracy. The controversial list strikes off several countries that have not been invited to participate in the summit due in December. As per the government reports, China misses out from the US listicle, whereas Taiwan remains in.

The move has led to speculations in light of the fact that China stands to be the principal competitor of the US, and in recent times, the development of the combat capacities of the former has escalated tensions between both nations. Taiwan’s inclusion in the summit list is likely to exhaust its relations with Beijing further.

The list further leaves out Turkey, which is a member of NATO. The conference will be held from 9-10 December and will solely witness the participation of Iraq and Israel among the Middle Eastern countries. Among the Arab countries, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates have not been called for participation.

Brazil, in spite of its far-right president being criticized by Prez Biden, was invited to the virtual summit Among European countries, Poland made its position within the list, whereas Hungary was out. African countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa and Niger are among the countries to receive Biden’s invitation.


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