On the recent Bigg Boss’ Weekend Ka Vaar episode, actor and show host Salman Khan criticized singer Afsana Khan for her comments and actions towards the other contestants of the program. Now, her boyfriend Punjabi singer Saajz (Sajan Sharma) has come forward at her defence.

Saajz said that his girlfriend Afsana is sensitive and has to be treated a bit sensitively. He said that Afsana has a strong and clean heart. “She is finding it difficult to adjust with others and is facing issues inside the house because she doesn’t understand politics. Jitne bade celebs hain ghar mein unko pata hona chahiye ki ek sensitive insaan ko kaise handle karna chahiye (All the big celebrities in the house should understand how to handle a sensitive person). I agree that she may have said a few things, which were not right and was aggressive but she stood for herself,” the singer said.

Speaking on Salman’s reaction, he said that Salman Khan is a senior and an elder, who he highly respects and cannot get offended by anything he said.

Afsana and her team failed to win at a task last week. Later on, she picked a fight with Shamita Shetty who was the coordinator of the task. She passed ageist remarks at her and also body-shamed her.

On Saturday, addressing the issue, Salman sarcastically called Afsana “superstar of the season” and said, “I’ll tell you what all you have said. ‘Shamita buddhi hai. Ghar baithne ka time hai tera. Ghatiya aurat (Shamita is old. It’s time for you to sit at home. She is cheap).’ Will you decide who is cheap?”

Afsana apologised for her behaviour and said that she would listen to whatever Salman said. Adding, “Aap bade ho (You are elder to me).”

Punjabi playback singer Afsana Khan began her career with the reality show Voice of Punjab. She has sung the song Titiliyaan with Harry Sandhu and Sargun Mehta, which became one of the most popular hits of 2020.

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