• Mewalal Choudhury, the education minister of Bihar resigns.
  • The education minister was accused of corruption and thus he resigns from the newly formed cabinet.

After a few days of Bihar’s election and re-election of Nitish Kumar, Mewalal Choudhury, the Education Minister of Bihar resigns from the newly formed cabinet. He submitted his resignation letter to Nitish Kumar just a few days after taking the oath. According to sources, Mewalal was charged with corruption cases at 1 pm, and immediately he sent his resignation letter.

Mewalal Choudhury belonged to JD(U) lead by the chief minister, and he had been accused in the five-year-old case of not appointing teachers and technicians at the Bihar Agricultural University where he remained at the position of Vice-Chancellor. Based on these issues, the opposition RJD criticized Nitish Kumar for appointing Choudhury the education minister even with all these corruption charges.

Tejashwhi Yadav took this incident to criticize the government that is allowing corrupted ministers who are charged under the Indian Penal Code section 420 of cheating and 120B of conspiracy to gain positions in the cabinet. Choudhury was suspended from JD(U) before also in 2017 due to the FIR case filed against him. Mewalal Choudhury based on all chaos commented, “An accusation is proven only when a charge sheet is filed or a court gives an order and none of the two is there to prove the allegations against me”


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