On May 4, the Crisis Management Group of the Bihar government decided to impose a lockdown in the state, from May 5 to May 15, amid a rise in daily Covid-19 cases.

While CM Nitish Kumar, in his tweet, didn’t announce relaxations and curbs, which will be in effect during the extended phase, it is expected that the ones that were in effect in the first phase will carry on.

In the first phase of the lockdown, all government and private offices were directed to be closed. Hospitals, medical laboratories, ambulance services, and essential services such as civil defence, electric supply, water supply, fire services, veterinary work, postal, and telecommunication were allowed to function.

Also, industrial and construction work, agricultural activities, e-commerce, computer services were allowed to function. Grocery shops, retail shops dealing with fruits and vegetables were allowed to operate from 7 am to 11 am.

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