Today, on the occasion of the 41st foundation day of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the party workers across the country. He expressed his gratitude to the party workers and said that, due to their contribution, today BJP has become the largest party in the world.

The PM said that with an open heart, his party also respects the personalities who are against BJP. Bharat Ratna to Padma Awards are examples of that. He further said, “We do not believe in political untouchability, which is our values. Therefore, we take pride in building the Panchtirtha for Babasaheb and the Statue of Unity dedicated to Sardar Patel.”

Modi on the occasion urged the party workers to spread the correct aspects of CAA and farm laws so that the ‘false narratives’ would be cleared. Meanwhile, he also said that a huge conspiracy is planting within the minds of the people to create “political instability” along with instigating people against BJP to hinder the development of the nation. Apart from this, he also mentioned the schemes launched for the small farmers, hawkers, and women of the country and the benefits arising out of it.

Praising the party workers, the PM said that it is the BJP where the workers serve the party with their body, mind, and money. Hundreds of activists have sacrificed their lives for the party. “In states like Kerala and West Bengal, our workers were threatened, they were attacked, their families were attacked. But they remain steadfast to their ideology, they persevere.”

At the same time, Modi condemned the opposition parties for calling BJP as an ‘Election-Winning machine’. He said proudly that BJP wins because of its hard work for the nation and its people.

Modi also said that the people of India and every particle of the country are sacred to the BJP and consider that serving the people is serving the nation. “Being in power is the medium of service to the holy nation for us. The position is our responsibility to make the culmination of hard work. Being a BJP worker, this is a life mantra for us,” he added.

The PM further praised and said that party activists gave strength to the BJP by working for the people which increases the power of the party. Through their life, conduct, efforts, they continue to work to win the hearts of the people. Today BJP is the largest party in the world with the efforts of activists, said Modi.

PM Modi made 5 requests to the Party workers. He asked them to ensure food for the poor, thank the doctors, nurses, hospital staff, police personnel and sanitation workers, encourage the use and distribution of masks, install the Aarogya Setu app and contribute towards PM CARES Fund. He also urged them to further encourage 40 people to contribute towards the Fund.


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