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  • The BJP Chief of West Bengal, Dilip Ghosh calls CM Mamata Banerjee Trump and states that she will not live Nabanna even if she loses.
  • He further criticized her to be adamant and possessing the characteristics of a dictator who does not abide by democracy.
  • Dilip Ghosh further stated that the TMC party has no law, and the whole system with which the state is running is against democracy.

The Bharatiya Janata Party Chief of West Bengal, Dilip Ghosh compared Mamata Banerjee the Chief Minister of the state to US President Donald Trump, on Monday. He accused her of having adamant and dictatorial characteristics like Trump, who does not believe in Democracy.

Dilip Ghosh further added that Mamata Banerjee’s party, Trinamool Congress has no democratic norms or law, thus the state lacks the basic notion of democracy. He compared the recent activity of Donald Trump to Mamata Banerjee and stated a dictator like Banerjee would not leave Nabanna even if she lost the election. These comparisons were made based on the Pro-Trump attack on the Capitol protest, the electoral college, the incident that witnessed the death of five people.

Dilip Ghosh also criticized Mamata Banerjee for renaming the Center’s scheme and running them as her own in the state. He said that she might want to rename the vaccination process as ‘Tikashree’ or ‘Mamatashree’, but that will not be necessary anymore. He further warned that the Mamata Banerjee government will try to take credit for the vaccination authorization process approved and paid by the Center while distributing it. These remarks were made by Dilip Ghosh when Sunday Banerjee announced the arrangement of free vaccination.


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