Ahead of the sixth assembly election phase in West Bengal, the BJP leader and Union Home Minister, Sh Amit Shah addressed a public meeting today in Purba Bardhaman. There, he assured that the BJP government will change the Bengal model of “Bum, Bandook Aur Barood” to “Vishvas, Vikas Aur Vvyapaar”.  

He expressed confidence in his party’s better outcome than TMC in the recent assembly elections of West Bengal, with almost 122 seats. He said, “BJP is way ahead of Mamata didi.”

He stated that Mamata Banerjee’s efforts on marring Prime Minister’s image and with him abusing the central forces is just a waste of time. Shah said that her motive is not development but only accusing others baselessly.

“Didi has no agenda for the development of Bengal. Didi spent 12 minutes in Bengal and spends 10 minutes abusing Modi and me, two minutes cursing the security forces”, he mocked.

He raised the issue of the purported audiotape, in which Mamata Banerjee is heard proposing a protest with the bodies of the four victims killed in the Sitalkuchi constituency. The Home Minister accused her of indecency and criticized Mamata Banerjee’s politics that should be ashamed of not leaving the dead bodies out of the power mending games of her.


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