• Pamela Goswami a BJP Youth Leader caught by Kolkata Police with 100 grams of drugs in South Kolkata.
  • Reportedly Pamela Goswami with one of his friends was buying drugs from a local peddler in the New Alipore area.
  • The Kolkata Police had prior information about the youth leader and her friend buying drugs.
  • BJP`s state spokesperson stated that police are yet to gather details and if anything illegal has happened law will serve its duty.

Pamela Goswami, a BJP Youth Leader and her friend, Prabir Kumar De arrested by Kolkata Police for carrying 100 Grams of Cocaine. The incident happened in the posh area of South Kolkata- New Alipore. Reportedly, police had prior information about Pamela Goswami buying drugs from a local peddler. The police seized 100 grams of cocaine packed in plastic inside Pamela`s bag.

Samik Bhattacharya, the BJP statesperson of Kolkata stated that the police are yet to run a probe and if Pamela Goswami has done something wrong then lawful action will be taken against her. He further stated that prior to the election, the Model Code of Conduct is yet to be set and the police force is under CM`s control. TMC MP, Saugata Roy noting the issue said BJP leader in Jalpaiguri has been alleged for drug trafficking case, the drug case of Pamela Goswami is now added to the list, police will take necessary action.

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