The Indian Film Industry is a paradise of fairy tales, stunts, romance, and drama. Amidst the humdrum of the usual, there are times when some of the people from this industry voice their issues, take a stand or simply be something which the confirming norms do not smile upon. For celebrities, as they put all their stakes in, it becomes do or die.

In this piece, we list some of the boldest, charismatic, and fearless divas of the present times who speak their minds and chose for themselves, what they believe is right.

The list here has not ranked as all of these personalities have shown grit and determination according to the situation making them extremely special in their own ways.

Kangana Ranaut

When it comes to being fearless and opinionated, the name itself is the brand. Kangana Ranaut is a person who spares no one. She comes out blatant, loud, and clear about her opinions be it political, social, or on Bollywood. One might not support what the actress has to say most of the time but definitely, we have to understand that all voices are important. The actress single-mouthedly (pun tried) raised an overnight stir in Bollywood on the much-debated issue of, “Nepotism”. She has pulled down journalists, fellow actors, and major Bollywood Showrunners with meager words. Twitter recently suspended her account on the grounds of provocating masses for creating violence. Yet the actress knows no limits. She is one of the most criticized, yet loved and influential actresses of the present times.

Taapsee Pannu

The woman who became popular in the Hindi film Industry with one action sequence, in the film Baby is known as a dynamic actor for choosing roles that not only represent women empowerment but also issues that pertains to society. Taapsee is bold in her outlook and ideas, she openly raised her voice against Kangana Ranaut when called a “b-grade” actor. In one of her interviews, she addressed the partiality done in the Industry about women asking for a raise and supported Kareena Kapoor Khan’s stand to demand higher pay. And most recently after the release of “Haseen Dillruba”, she got into a Twitter dual with a film reviewer for calling her performance repetitive.  

Kareena Kapoor Khan

The actress known for her quick jibes is frankly like her ‘Jab We Met’ character Geet, “apni favorite”. She is one of the leading actresses who kept working even with her baby bump. At the time of her first pregnancy, the actress walked the ramp for a major designer. When asked about Nepotism, the actress openly said that it all depends upon how an actor is received by the audience. She said, “just because she and Saif Ali Khan are successful, doesn’t mean their son Taimur will automatically become a Bollywood star.” Moreover, in her famous radio show, Begum Khan has always brought out some bold topics from the lives of other Bollywood biggies.

Priyanka Chopra 

Actress, Producer, Entrepreneur, Singer, and Author Priyanka Chopra have placed herself as a global celebrity is one of the most sought-after stars in Hollywood and Bollywood both. The actress is known for speaking out on discrimination based on race and gender. She is also quite popular for her views on women in the workforce. Currently, She is one of the new faces of “Victoria Secret” as the brand shifts its focus from what men want to what women want. Further, she has also talked about how it feels when it comes to ‘Racism’ despite being so hardworking and talented.

Swara Bhaskar

Be it clapping on her own trolls and calling out the social media bullies head-on, this diva is known for her incredible boldness, open and unfiltered opinions for anything that comes her way. She has been tagged as “Feminist” which she accepted whole-heartedly as she never minds such namings and bullies. To all her trolls, she just said that ‘Nobody can ever make Swara down’.

Anushka Sharma

Another Bollywood Diva known for her unapologetic notions and observations is Anushka Sharma. The actress started her own productions Clean Slate Flims, to tell independent, authentic, original stories. Under her productions, women-oriented films like Pari, NH10, Bulbbul, Philauri have been well-received by the audience. Not only through her work but even in her interactions, the actress has also spoken about instances of sexism in Bollywood.

Radhika Apte

Radhika Apte is always upfront and honest whenever asked tough questions. Known for films like Parched, Majhi, Pad Man, and a few more, she has been always considered bold on and off-screen.  Radhika has had a fair share of films in Malayalam, Telugu, Bangla, Marathi, Tamil, and Hindi. Speaking about her experience in an interview, she openly talked about the partiality done among men and women in Telugu film Industry stating that the industry is openly patriarchal and male-dominated.

Sayani Gupta

The actress is known for films like Article 15, Margarita with a Straw, and the Emmy nominated show Four More Shots Please! Is quite verbal about her opinions on social issues. She is an active advocate of women’s issues on social media. She once called out Shah Rukh Khan to become more aware of his position and address the issues at hand.

Deepika Padukone

Actors in real life are portrayed as omniscient and unaffected. On top of it, at a time when mental health issues are considered taboo, Deepika became one of the first Bollywood actresses to address the issue publicly and admit that she suffered from Depression. The actress avidly works on awareness and information on mental health. In recent times she has also come out some of the most scrutinized and debated movements in the country, receiving massive backlash but still holding her ground.

Rakhi Sawant

Be it for fame or for negative publicity, Rakhi Swant is always shining for her unpleasant and unabashed statements regarding Bollywood, celebrities, politicians, etc. It is said about Rakhi Sawant, “You can hate her, you can love her, but you cannot ignore her.”

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