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On Tuesday, Joe Biden brought his cabinet together to mark six months in office. On the occasion, he reiterated some of the key themes of his presidency, which he has been hammering home since January. He said that the US was in a ‘defining competition’ with China which believes autocracy is the future. “Democracy is more capable,” Biden said.

Earlier this month, Biden in his speech said that it was a boring one, but an important speech. “Anybody under the age of 13 — this has got to be boring, boring, boring for you,” he then said on July 15 in front of a room of parents and children as he detailed a tax credit measure for families.

Boring but important sort of sums up the veteran Democrat’s game plan, six months after moving into the White House, and focus on substance, not style, to rebuild American prosperity and restore the country to a central role in global politics.

Referring to Biden’s statement, Robert Rowland, a professor of communication studies at the University of Kansas mentioned that Biden was trying to get all the emotional energy out of politics. The long-term effect is to say, “Look, I may be boring but I am actually producing real results.,”

Comparing Biden’s speech with Trump, the experts cited that Biden and his team are maintaining an iron grip on their message, and the message is straight-up dull. “Biden is making a virtue of something that has been a problem in his rhetoric for a long time — he is wonky,” said an official.

Reportedly, Biden uses handwritten notes, and his speeches are typically not very long. His aides often rush reporters out of the room before they can ask him any off-the-cuff questions.

On the other hand, Biden has been termed as comforter-in-chief. “He has a gift for giving solace to people, a real ability to create a sense of shared identity,” Rowland said.

The former US senator believes that the road to prosperity comes with spending — big spending on ‘hard’ infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, and broadband internet, but also health care, education, and child care. President Biden focuses on big ideas and big issues.

However, none of them are necessarily what voters are most excited about. Biden himself even admits it, as he did in that speech earlier this month. For now, Biden’s popularity rating is firmly anchored above 50 percent, a level Trump was never able to achieve.


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