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  • Brazil recorded 82,266 Covid-19 related deaths in April
  • The fatality count is 66,573 in the month of March
  • Many hospitals have reached the situation of collapse in Brazil
  • P1 is a variant of the virus that has been claimed to have reinfected people
  • 29 million people vaccinated with the first dose and 13 million with the second dose of the vaccine

In the month of April, Brazil recorded a total number of 82,266 Covid-19 death cases, and new deaths registered on Friday is 2,595. This is the second consecutive monthly record as the country struggles with a high spike since the start of the year.

The count of fatalities recorded is 66,573 fatalities during March and underlines a steep rise in deaths over recent weeks, as the Ministry of Health data revealed. Brazil has the highest mortality rates at 189 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants and the death toll in the pandemic on Thursday crossed the 1,00,000 mark.

The country is rushing to secure more vaccines. The Council is reviewing the pandemic scenario in Brazil. In many areas, the hospitals have reached the situation of collapse.

The spike in cases is blamed by the experts due to a new variant of the virus that has emerged in or around the Amazon rainforest city of Manaus in December. It has been named P1 and it is claimed that this can reinfect people who have had the original strain of the virus leading to more infectious.

The first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine has been administered to around 29 million people and about 13 million jabbed with the second dose. Out of 27 states in Brazil, 14 of them are facing a shortage of vaccines leading to suspension of second dosages. Bolsonaro has adopted stay-at-home measures to contain the virus and rejected some offers of vaccines.


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