• 411,821 total cases with 20,599 fresh cases are admitted.
  • 166,647 people are recovered with an 87% recovery rate.
  • Almost 25,600 fatalities are reported i.e. 13%.

Brazil is the second most badly hit COVID-19 country tops at about 411,821 cases of coronavirus. In the last 24 hours, about 20,599 new cases have been registered along with 1,086 deaths were being witnessed on Wednesday. According to the Health Ministry of Brazil, a total of 25,598 people have already lost their lives with the infection, which is 13% of the total number of cases.

On average, about 12,500 fresh cases have been recorded with a death toll of about 1000 every day in the last seven days. About 166,647 people got cured of the disease also. The recovery rate is 87%. Nearly, 4% of people i.e. 8,318 people are critical whereas 96% are in mild conditions. 


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