Brazil being the second worst-hit country across the globe, is facing its worst phase in the pandemic, setting daily records for new cases and related deaths with nearly 90k demise pushing the country’s caseload to 2,555,518. Despite the scenario, a government under President, Jair Bolsonaro decided to ease lockdowns designed to keep a check for the outbreak. Amid the chaos, it decides to reopen its flight facilities to foreign visitors in a view to revive its downtrodden tourism industry.

It extended bans for foreign travelers, reaching the country by sea or air for another month. The previous air restrictions will be still applicable for air travel. Earlier on March 30, due to the rise in European, South American, and Asian countries, it had closed its air borders to non-residents. The National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services, and Tourism (CNC) claimed that the pandemic had a devastating effect on the tourism industry in Brazil making a loss of up to 122 billion reals.

Not only Brazil, but even Latin America’s biggest economy is also facing a record shrinkage of 9.1 percent this year. The new guidelines will require international visitors to stay for 90 days or less so that they can claim their health insurance coverage, in the country they are visiting. On the other part Brazilians still face bans under coronavirus restrictions on entering the European Union or the United States.

Brazil most populous state, Sao Paulo recorded the highest number of deaths for two days. New hotspots are emerging with the spike in coronavirus spread and cases. Despite reporting the peaked outbreak Brazil’s testing is still low compared to its deaths. 


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