The scientists who analyzed the first countrywide lockdown now claim that the major part of the pandemic will be “behind us” by October.

In a show, Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London said that the vaccinations have “been tremendous in decreasing the chance of hospitalization and mortality.

He further said, “we’ll still have Covid with us, we’ll still have individuals dying from Covid, but the majority of the pandemic will be over soon.”

The number of illnesses recorded on Monday was down by 40% from the previous week’s total. It’s the lowest daily figure in over three weeks, indicating that the drop in cases isn’t just a statistical fluke.

However, instead of celebrating, the government is exercising caution, hoping that the early indication of good news would not cause people to relax their vigilance.

According to a spokesman for Boris Johnson, the impact of last Monday’s “Freedom Day” would push infections up again, indicating the UK is “not out of the woods yet.”

Professor Ferguson, who’s also a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), also cautioned that the coming week will be crucial. It will be helpful in determining if hospitalizations, which are currently on the rise will begin to drop.

Ferguson said “The reductions we’ve seen at the moment occurred really before the unlocking took place. And we won’t see for several more weeks what the effect of the unlocking is.”

He stressed the fact that it is important to remain cautious, noting that the proportion of patients that tested positive had just recently begun to decline which was recently peaked on July 21. Even in Scotland, there has been a substantial decrease in the number of cases.

Professor Jason Leitch, the Scottish Government’s National Clinical Director, stated that the country’s case rate is “dramatically dropping.”


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