Kolkata: Amidst the COVID19 outbreak, a severe crisis bestowed its terror. Around the globe which is not only Challenging. The mortal existence of human life, also rapidly draining the global economy rather pushing it to the mouth of depression 

The City of Joy, Kolkata is not spared by the Villian “Corona”. The Bengali cultural capital is witnessing a doomed period where the heartwarming streets filled with the joyful crowd is now a living graveyard especially on the verge of that moment which the whole Bengali’s heart eager to witness the whole year 4 months to the most awaited celebration of tradition which every Bengali awaits around the calendar. “Durga Puja” an ecstasy, a legacy is now challenged by the COVID19. The whole scenario starting from the Market, The Pandals have the worst hit in this year. The organizers are now much tensed regarding the sponsorship as the business chain is affected due to the prolonged lockdown. Every sector is facing tremendous loss.

The base of Durga Puja the idol, artists of Kumartuli is now on the verge of the most tensed situation as the pandemic has challenged their fate because the uncertainty of gathering and sponsorship has questioned the demand for Idol structure which is the only basic source of living for the Kumartuli artists. Even the whole Markets being closed has a huge negative effect on the business community both small and large scale industries especially the garment sector 

The pandemic has not the only question. The celebration, the pandal hopping or gathering but also all the associated the sectors. The marketing for garments, the food hubs, every sector is now dependent on the ray of hope but unfortunately, it is shadowed by uncertainty and again the question arises will there be a new morning to cheer to live to breathe.


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