• Allegation on officials of Bank of Baroda and DUSIB against misappropriation of funds.
  • A case is filed by the CBI after some irregularities found in the transaction of DUSIB with BOB.
  • FIR filed over misappropriation of Rs 207 Crore on Friday.
  • Officials involved have been arrested for criminal conspiracy, forgery, and criminal breach of trust.
  • The DUSIB is responsible for improving the quality of the life of slums and residents of Jhuggie Jhomprie (JJ) in Delhi.
  • The autonomous body is headed by the chief minister

On Monday, a case of misappropriation of funds filed against unknown officials of Bank of Baroda and Delhi govt-run shelter improvement board (DUSIB) by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

On April 13, while checking the transaction of the accounts department of DUSIB the agency came across some irregularities in it that revealed an investment of about Rs 214 crore made using funds of DUSIB. The investment was made with the Bank of Baroda Paharganj branch in New Delhi that was in the form of 112 fixed deposit receipts (FDRs). The transaction was dated between 1st September 2020 and 31st March 2021.

The CBI said that 112 FDRs issued by BOB, Paharganj was supposedly only printouts on A4 size papers that are not security papers. Further, CBI asserted that the surprise check conducted also revealed that DUSIB has maintained its accounts only with the Central Bank of India, and no such account details were found with Bank of Baroda. The officials have been arrested.

The Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) facilitates under the control of the government of NCT of Delhi that functions under the view of the DUSIB Act, 2010 that notifies certain areas as slums, wherewith time certain buildings have been dilapidated and also there is lack of local services


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