On Wednesday, Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi slammed the Centre against its coronavirus vaccine pricing strategy. He mentioned it on his social media handle with the hashtag #Vaccinediscrimination. He attacked the government over a higher price of Covid-19 vaccines that has been fixed for the states. The party demands an equalization pricing strategy for both the Centre and States.

The Congress Leader does not leave any opportunity to attack GOI, even amidst being tested Covid-19 positive on Tuesday. He takes his criticism to Twitter, moments after the Serum Institute of India (SII) that manufactures AstraZeneca-Oxford University vaccine declares the prices for Covid-19 vaccine doses.

His tweet publishes the media statement of SII along with the hashtag #Vaccinediscrimination. The statement mentioned that Covishield will be available to state governments at the rate of Rs 400 per dose and to private hospitals at the rate of Rs 600 per dose, while for the Centre the contract remains the same, which means the Centre would continue to receive doses at Rs150 each.

Gandhi alleged GOI vaccine strategy to be a disaster for the country and an opportunity for friends of Modi to make a profit. He remarked it as an injustice measure by the Central government. Twitter, the microblogging site floods in with tweets and comments after SII released its vaccine pricing strategy.

Rahul Gandhi in one of his tweets compares the Centre’s coronavirus vaccine strategy to its demonetization move of 2016. His tweet also claimed that the same scenario like 2016 will soon arise where people will be standing in queues and suffer the loss of money, health and life but some industrialists will make a profit out of it.

Jairam Ramesh, Senior leader of the Congress party also blames the government after the Serum Institute releases its vaccine cost, claiming the move as non-cooperative federalism.

Sitaram Yechury, Secretary-General of the Communist Party of India also calls the decision an “unacceptable” move by the Centre. He added that the Centre must buy the vaccines and distribute them to the states free of cost in an equitable manner.


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