New Delhi: H.E. Ambassador, Sun Weidong addressed the “China-India relations: The Way Forward” of ICS in today’s seminar. He said the leaders of both China and India want to bring normalcy and bring sound and steady developments. He said that China is committed to peaceful development and it’s not a “strategic threat” to India.

The year 2020 marks the 70th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic ties and from the past years both India and China have experienced an extraordinary relationship.

Talking about Galwan Valley confrontation, he called it an unfortunate incident that none wants to observe them. Soon, both India-China organized several military and diplomatic dialogues to disengage the troops of both sides from LAC. Many Indian scholars commented on it but according to Weidong, China, and India should be partners and not rivals. Both need peace and not conflict.

China and India should engage in win-win cooperation rather than zero-sum games along with building trust and transparency. Weidong uttered that China is not India’s strategic threat and thus said, “General structure that we can’t live without each other remains unchanged.” China firmly holds sovereignty and thus China won’t engage in aggression/expansion.   

Both countries have created a strategic and cooperative partnership for peace and prosperity. He said that China’s President Xi Jinping and Indian PM Narendra Modi had informal summits where both reached a consensus, focusing on each other’s development opportunities. He concludes the event and said that more positivity will be incorporated into China-India relations and wished to bring back the relation to the track and sound development at the earliest time.


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