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After the Taliban’s declaration of an interim govt in Kabul, China is planning to build an industry platform in Afghanistan so that it can look for possible investments in the war-torn nation during the reconstruction process. The source added that an Afghan institute will be set up by “China Town in Kabul”, a Chinese business representatives group located in Afghanistan.

Despite being cautious of the Uyghurs separatists receiving support from the Islamic fundamentalists, China has been building ties with the Taliban. During an interview, Wang Wenbin, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, said that the formulation of the Taliban government is a “necessary step” in order to restore “domestic order” in the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

The source added that a member of China Town in Kabul stated that they have carried out various agreements with domestic enterprises along with some other organizations to establish the platform jointly, and they have also drafted a framework that might launch in the upcoming week.

The source further added that various services like personnel safety, government liaisoning, and bank exchange, tax and logistical services will be provided by the group to the Afghan institute.

Another source reported that after the platform plan was released, several Chinese enterprises have reached out to the Taliban for discussion in infrastructure construction and mining sectors.

An aid worth 200 million yuan (31 million USD) has been announced by China after the Taliban formulated its interim government. In a statement, the Taliban spokesperson called Beijing their most important partner.


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