China’s first astronaut crew of three members is all set to blast off on Thursday to Chinese space station. On Wednesday, the three members stated that they are eager to work and make the space station their home for the next three months.

The mission commander, Nie Haisheng said that they need to arrange their home in the core module and then get started on a range of diagnostic tests on crucial technology and experiments. He is the most senior among the three members who are making the trip to space. Nie added that the task is arduous with a lot of challenges too.

The other member of the crew is Liu Boming, whose one previous flight in 2008 included China’s first spacewalk.

Tang Hongbo is making his first flight since being selected among the second batch of astronauts in 2020. He said that he had been training virtually nonstop for years. He added that there is pressure, but where there is pressure there is motivation too and he is confident in himself as well as his team.

The astronauts will be traveling in the Shenzhou-12 spaceship launched by a Long March-2FY12 rocket that is set to blast off at 9:22 am from the Jiuquan launch center of northwestern China.

China Manned Space Agency Assistant Director Ji Qiming said that he believes in the near future when the Chinese space station is complete, Chinese and foreign astronauts will take a joint mission to the Chinese space station.

The launch on Thursday will begin the first crewed space mission in five years for an ambitious space program.