Several miners are still trapped inside the gold mine after the blast near Qixia city in eastern Shandong province. However, the miners have been able to send notes to the rescuers. It’s been almost a week that the incident had taken place.

The local government informed that they could hear the miners knocking sound. Speaking on the note by the miners, the government informed that they were in urgent need of painkillers, medical tape, and cold medicine. “The miners have mentioned that three of them have been suffering from blood pressure,” the government added. Reportedly, the miners are believed to be trapped more than 600 metres from the mine’s entrance as rescuers continue operation.

Meanwhile, the rescuers informed that they are still unable to contact the workers after the blast damaged their communication system. The blast had taken place around 2 pm last Sunday. However, the incident was reported at 8 pm the next day, almost 30 hours later.

On the other hand, the Chinese officials have sacked two top officials in Qixia after the explosion dismissing Qixia Communist Party secretary Yao Xiuxia and deputy secretary Zhu Tao. The authorities informed that they would investigate the matter and severely punish those responsible for the incident. The blast had damaged the exit ladder from the mine even as local officials plan to lower food and telephone lines into the mine.


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