Chinese Army Increases Activity Along LAC In Uttarakhand



  • Series of activities by the Chinese troops are visible in the region on Barahoti
  • The Chinese army is engaging a number of drones in the area

Since last year, there was an eccentric behavior within the Chinese army towards India in Ladakh. This has intensified the activity along the Line of Actual Control in Barahoti in Uttarakhand, where a platoon of the People’s Liberation Army was recently observed operating.

According to the sources, a platoon of the PLA with about 35 men was recently observed working in the Barahoti region. It is predicted that they were surveying the area. After a long period of silence, the Chinese have been observed performing some work in this region.

It is clarified that the Chinese troops are monitored carefully, all the time especially during their stay. The Indian army has made appropriate preparations in the region. According to security sources, the Chinese may conduct some action in this area, but India’s operational readiness is strong throughout the core sector.

The Chief of Defence Staff, General Bipin Rawat, and the Chief of the Central Army, Lt Gen Y Dimri, have recently visited the central sector border with China to evaluate the situation and to provide reliability there.

According to a report, Chinese operation from an air base in the Barahoti area has increased. It is observed that they have placed a significant number of drones there. On the other hand, India has deployed extra troops in the central region, and several rear formations have advanced there.

The Indian Air Force has also activated a number of air bases in the area, notably the Chinyalisaund advanced landing ground, where An-32s have been landing on a regular basis.

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