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  • The Foreign Minister has placed his views in a G20 video meet of foreign ministers from various countries.
  • Mr. Wang has urged the West to remove its economic sanctions from Afghanistan.
  • China to provide the country with a significant amount of aid.
  • The UN has a major role to play in terms of dealing with the situation of Afghanistan, says the FM.

Today, the Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi suggested urgent humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. According to him, economic sanctions should be lifted in order to bring peace jointly in the war damaged country.

The comments were made by Mr. Wang at the G20 video meet of the foreign ministers regarding Afghanistan. According to him, Afghanistan is in urgent need of economic aid and the countries responsible for the situation of the war torn country must strive to ease its difficulties.

Prodding the West to remove its sanctions from Afghanistan the FM said that the natural assets which are Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves are the properties of its people and must be allowed to be exploited by them. The reserves must not work as a medium to exert political pressure on the country.

Mr. Wang has informed about the decisions of China to provide the country with supplies worth 200 million yuan ($31 million) and 3 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine. Mr. FM has requested the various finance organizations to provide required aid to Afghanistan in order to ease down their war devastated socio – economic situation.

He has also requested the countries to come to communicative terms with Afghanistan in order to encourage the Afghans to select a suitable route to handle their situation and provide their political scenario with a structure both representative and inclusive. He has requested Afghanistan as well to break its ties completely with terroristic activities.

According to the Foreign Minister, the UN has a major role to play in this situation, in terms of routing the required aid to Afghanistan. China supports the United Nations regarding its coming to a pact with the country and urges the various organs of the organization to accomplish their responsibilities.