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On Sunday, Representatives of Community Radio Stations from 16 states attended a communication awareness training sponsored by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in collaboration with UNICEF.

The theme session emphasized the need of developing effective COVID Appropriate Behaviour (CAB) awareness programs and dispelling misunderstandings regarding COVID vaccinations and immunization, particularly among people living in rural areas.

Shri Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Union Health Ministry, spoke during the event and in introductory remarks, he recognized the role of Community Radio Stations (CRS) in supporting the world’s largest vaccination drive, noting that CRS’s continued efforts to educate their discriminating listeners about the COVID vaccine had resulted in increased vaccination rates.

To increase vaccination trust among the communities they serve, community radio stations were asked to showcase community-led positive projects and role models.

The subject of COVID-related mental health was also discussed. The communal obligation to treat mental health concerns in communities through educational programming and collaboration with state and national authorities

CRSs were urged to remind listeners on a regular basis about the importance of closely adhering to COVID Appropriate Behaviour since the second wave of the virus is still on the way: the virus can strike again if society disregards health advice and relaxes its guard against COVID safety protocol.

CRS participants were encouraged to build creative initiatives and a Jan Andolan (Public Movement) by highlighting and acknowledging the work of others.

Participants recounted their insights of contact with the audiences and how they obviated their suspicions, worries about COVID vaccinations and urged them to become Vaccinated.

The Union Health Ministry’s Jt Secy responded to their many questions and praised their continuing efforts to expand the net of reliable information in the regions. Officials from the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

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