Today finally, Congress in another jibe raised its voice and expressed concern over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s continued silence over China’s territorial aggression. The party raised its voice over the satellite images suggesting the purported construction of Chinese villages on Bhutanese territory over the last year.

Addressing the media, Congress spokesperson Gourav Vallabh mentioned the new construction by the Chinese on Bhutanese soil. Terming it as a ‘worrying situation for India’, Vallabh questioned the silence of the Modi government. He said, “Our forces have taken on the illegal Chinese incursion. Why is the Modi government disrespecting and dishonoring the sacrifice of our brave hearts?”

Referring to the images, Vallabh listed instances where the government allegedly failed to respond to Chinese aggression. He asked when the Modi government will give a befitting reply to China’s verbal, geographical, military, and strategic aggression. He requested PM Modi not to hide behind a smokescreen and answer to the people. However, the party has pledged to bring up the issue during the Parliament’s winter session.

On the other hand, Vallab’s statements were rubbished by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Tom Vadakkan. Calling Vallab an ‘absent-minded professor’, Vadakkan claimed that the Congress was sharing unverified information. “We have been asking to share the content of the MoU signed between then Congress president and China. However, they have not done so,” the BJP spokesperson said.

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